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What Is the Best Carry Position for Sitting?

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Finding the balance between concealment and comfort is key for both new and experienced concealed carriers. When first starting out, many people may be put off from concealed carry because it can be uncomfortable if not done correctly. In this article, we will tell you how to do it correctly! Remember, safety first, new gun owners be sure to review safety basics that all gun owners should know.

Besides standing, sitting is one of the most common stances we find ourselves in is most likely to cause uncomfortable angles for concealed carry. While sitting, you do not want your pistol digging into your side. However, you still want to keep your pistol in a position that is easy to get to, yet still concealed. So here are a few of my favorite carry positions that work well for sitting down.

Appendix Carry

Appendix carry is one of the most popular carry positions, especially for inside the waistband (IWB) carry. Generally, appendix carry is at the 1 o’clock position for right-handers and 11 o’clock for lefties. It can also be “centerline” or 12 o’clock. This position is easy to cover with a simple t-shirt and can be used during all times of the year. As with all carry positions, appendix carry requires a high-quality holster. We recommend Appendix holsters that have a “claw”, which is vital to help keep the grip of the firearm pressed tightly against your stomach, decreasing printing of the firearm through your shirt.

gun, holster, concealed carry, IWB, appendix
LAG appendix holster with "the claw"

If you are standing, this carry position is awesome. Your pistol is right in front of your hands and super easy to draw from. When you sit down, your firearm will be readily accessible. You will not have to worry about it interfering with the back rest of your chair or the seatbelt buckle when driving.

Strong Side Hip Carry

Strong hip carry is the next most popular position. If you like to use an inside the waistband holster, strong hip carry may be the ticket. Strong side hip carry has your pistol sitting at about 4 or 5 o’clock for right-handers, and 7 or 8 o’clock for lefties. This carry style may be more comfortable than appendix for larger people, and it is still easily accessible while you are standing or sitting.

Depending on how exactly you position your firearm, how you are seated and the type of seat, it can be easy or difficult to draw your weapon. Personally, I find it extremely easy to draw while sitting with my pistol in this position. I do not notice the firearm much when I am sitting. It will press up against you when you sit in a chair, and you will feel it on your back if you do not wear an undershirt.

Even though this is an easy and comfortable position to carry, it has a couple of drawbacks. Since it sits just behind the hip, it can be exposed if you lean forward too much. You definitely need to think about your surroundings before you bend at the waist to pick something up. You would also have problems sitting on something like a bleacher where you may want to lean forward. Any leaning like this is going to pull your shirt up and may expose your pistol.

Lastly, you need to consider how accessible your firearm will be while driving. Because of the location on your hip, it is likely to interfere with your seatbelt buckle. This can cause it to be both uncomfortable and difficult to draw and reholster your weapon while in a car seat.

All and all strong side hip carry is a great option to consider and try. Everyone’s body is different and finding the best carry position for you will take a few attempts to see what works best.

3/9 O’clock OWB Carry

Outside the waistband carry is by far the most comfortable position to carry in. This position is super easy to draw from and allows for larger pistols. The only problem is that many people have problems keeping it concealed. This has a lot to do with the pistol size, the size of the person carrying it and the clothing they are wearing.

My dad, who is a little bigger than me, used to carry a Glock 23 outside the waistband (3 o’clock position) every single day, and you could never see it. Granted, the 23 is a compact sized Glock, but it is definitely not small. Long story short, the exact same pistol in the exact position sticks out like a sore thumb on me.

With that being said, most of us can carry a subcompact or smaller pistol like the Glock 43 in this position. I carry a Bersa BPCC9 which is just slightly bigger than the Glock 43 and I can easily carry it in the 3 o’clock position while sitting and still keep it concealed.

All and all, the outside the waistband 3 or 9 o’clock position is awesome for sitting and general carry. While sitting, it is still easily accessible with the proper attire and super comfortable. If you have a pistol that you can confidently conceal in this position then I highly recommend giving this position a try.

Shoulder Carry

Shoulder carry is a little bit different of an approach. This position is super easy to conceal with a jacket, but that also means you can not use it during hotter days. Another thing you can not wear is a hoodie… and I love hoodies. Nonetheless, the shoulder holster is an awesome way to keep a pistol concealed and also out of the way.

A shoulder holster is super easy to draw from. Plus your ability to draw from it does not change at all when you are sitting or standing, it is still the exact same angle. You can also use much larger firearms. Consider the Hostler Material, Design and Quality. Weapon size and position of concealment are important factors that most people think of right away.

As with cars, guns and most other things in life, the quality products cost more because they have higher quality materials and more research and development put into optimizing their design. We always recommend high quality holsters, you simply get what you pay for.

Quick Recap

appendix carry while sitting
appendix carry while sitting

There are plenty of ways that you can conceal carry a firearm while sitting that allow easy access if a situation were to occur. The top three best concealed carry positions for sitting are appendix, strong side (IWB or OWB) and shoulder holster. Make sure to buy a high quality holster from a reputable company that puts a lot of effort into research and design. We carry LAG for most applications, as well as Phlster for light retention holsters (holsters that work if you have a weapon mounted light). Other top brands we recommend are Tier One Concealment and Werkz.

Each of these three positions has its pros and cons. There is not one holster or carry position that will work for everyone, or with every pistol. Hopefully, this article gives you a head start, we recommend you talk to friends that you know carry and ask their opinion. Feel free to contact us or stop in X-Ring Supply and discuss how to obtain Delaware concealed carry permit, and the many holster and gear options. Remember, many people start out with a cheap holster and find it uncomfortable, which leads to them either not carrying or wishing they had bought a high-quality holster from the start.

Remember to safely store your firearm when not in use, and to know Delaware Gun laws and rules for open carry and concealed carry.

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