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Choosing the Best Sig Sauer for Concealed Carry: A Comprehensive Guide to the P365 Series

Updated: Feb 16

P365 X. Image source: Sig Sauer

When the Sig Sauer P365 was introduced in 2018, it took the firearms industry by surprise and set a new standard for small, higher capacity concealed carry 9mm handguns.

The P365 is a micro-compact size semi-auto handgun with double stack 10+1, 12+1, and even 17+1 available magazine capacity depending on the specific model. Due in part to this improvement in ammo capacity, it has quickly become one of the most sought-after pistols on the market for concealed carry.

With an ergonomic design that lends itself to exceptional shootability for such a small package, once you’ve tried a P365, you’ll want one for your everyday carry all 365 days of the year.

Let’s take a look at the different features and versions of the P365. There are quite a few options to choose from since it was first introduced, so there’s something out there for everyone.

What is the best P365 Model?

Before we dive right into the different versions of the Sig P365, let’s take a second to go over which model we think is the best for functionality and the best value for your money.

Due to the 17+1 magazine capacity, enhanced grip, integrated compensator, and slim and concealable profile, we think the P365 X Macro stands out as the best. While the P365 XL Spectre Comp is a similar model, the X Macro is just as good, if not better for a lot less money.

Not only is the X Macro great for everyday carry, but it's also accurate and a joy to shoot at the range because of the extra grip space and recoil compensator. The X Macro is also the only P365 model that has a standard under barrel accessory rail so you can easily mount any number of weapon lights or lasers.

We’ll go over some more specifications and details for the P365 X Macro, but for a compact 9mm, you’re getting the ammo capacity of a full-sized pistol than can be easily concealed for everyday carry. What’s more, the P365 X Macro has some added features that you’d find on much more expensive custom guns.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s go over the different specifications and features of each model of the P365. Keep in mind that most P365 models are available in 10-round compliant models for certain states such as NY, MA, CT, CA, and others.


P365 base model, Image source: Sig Sauer


  • 10+1 flush magazine

  • 5.8” L, 1.06” W, 4.3” H

  • 3.1” barrel

  • Standard curved trigger

  • Day/night iron sights

The base model of the P365 is a capable everyday carry 9mm. Although it has a snappy recoil typical of micro-compact pistols, the 10+1 standard magazine capacity is an innovative feature.

Compared to similar pistols such as the Glock 43, you’ll have that same small package that’s easy to conceal but have 4 extra rounds in your magazine.

You can’t go wrong with the standard P365 because it has all the quality you can expect from Sig. It doesn’t end here though, so let’s take a look at the more feature-rich P365 models.

P365 X

P365 x, Image source: Sig Sauer


  • 12+1 flush magazine

  • 6” L, 1.1” W, 4.8” H

  • 3.1” barrel

  • Flat trigger

  • X series grip

  • Optic ready

  • Day/night iron sights

Upgrading to the P365 X, the biggest difference is the additional magazine capacity. With the P365 X, you get a 12+1 capacity that’s still incredibly concealable.

Additional features with the P365 X include an optic-ready mounting plate and an enhanced flat trigger with a 90-degree break.

With 12 rounds of 9mm in such a small package, the P365 X still blows its competition out of the water, but we’re just getting started.

P365 X Macro

P365 X Macro, Image source: Sig Sauer


  • 17+1 flush magazine

  • 6.6” L, 1.1” W, 5.2” H

  • 3.1” barrel

  • Flat trigger

  • Integrated compensator

  • Optic ready

  • Day/night iron sights

Moving on to the P365 X Macro, this model really caught our eye for a number of reasons. With all the added features, additional magazine capacity, and everyday carry capability, the P365 X Macro may be the best value of all the P365 models available.

While the P365 X Macro is the largest in size of the P365 models, it's still a compact size with a whopping 17-round magazine capacity. That’s just as good as having a full-sized pistol without the extra weight and bulk.

In addition to the extra ammo, the P365 X Macro has an integrally compensated slide so excess gas can escape, allowing for reduced felt recoil. This results in flatter and more importantly more accurate shooting compared to the other P365 models. You won’t have to worry about that annoying snappy recoil with the P365 X Macro.

Lasty, the P365 Macro also features an enhanced grip, flat trigger, accessory rail, and optic-ready slide. The P365 X Macro incorporates some of the best features of modern handguns into a compact size right out of the box.

P365 XL

P365 XL. Image source: Sig Sauer


  • 12+1 flush magazine

  • 6.6 L, 1.1 W, 4.8” H

  • 3.7” barrel

  • Flat trigger

  • Optic ready

  • Day/night iron sights

Next on the list is the P365 XL. There’s not too much to say about the XL aside from the longer 3.7” barrel.

With the P365 XL, you’ll still get the 12+1 flush magazine in a micro-compact size, but the features such as the flat trigger and sights of the P365 XL are more or less the same as the P365 and P365 X.

Let’s move on to another model we’re really excited about, which is the same size as the P365 XL but provides some cool and innovative features.

P365 XL Spectre Comp

P365 XL Spectre Comp. Image source: Sig Sauer


  • 12+1 flush magazine

  • 6.6” L, 1.1” W, 4.8” H

  • 3.1” barrel

  • Slide-integrated compensator

  • Flat TiN gold trigger

  • LXG laser engraved grip

  • Optic ready

  • Day/night iron sights

The P365 XL Spectre Comp is without a doubt the coolest looking of all the different variations of the P365. Along with a unique look, the Spectre Comp has many standard features that you’d usually only be able to get with a custom firearm.

The P365 XL Spectre Comp provides feature-rich performance most notably with the slide-integrated compensator. This compensator reduces muzzle flip and felt recoil by an estimated 30%. All this leads to flatter and more comfortable shooting with the Spectre Comp, ultimately resulting in improved accuracy.

Designed on the P365 XL chassis, the Spectre comp also includes a stylish flat TiN gold trigger and Sig Custom Works badging, is optic ready, has an LXG laser engraved grip, and day/night iron sights.

Instead of buying a run-of-the-mill handgun that you would buy aftermarket parts for, the P365 XL Spectre comp allows you to get all the best features of a custom firearm right out of the box, so it's hard to beat the value of this model.

P365 SAS

P365 SAS. Image source: Sig Sauer


  • 10+1 flush magazine

  • 5.8” L, 1” W, 4.1” H

  • 3.1” barrel

  • Standard curved trigger

  • Flat controls

  • Anti-snag slide treatment

  • Flush-mounted FT bullseye fiber-tritium night sight

For ultimate concealability and quick draw ability, the P365 SAS is a truly unique handgun, even among the other P365 models.

What makes the P365 SAS different is the controls are completely flat, and it doesn’t have traditional iron sights, but an FT bullseye sight. This results in a completely smooth and catch-free design that allows for a quicker draw from a holster.

If James Bond were to ever trade in his famous Walther PPK, the P365 SAS would certainly be his next choice for his international espionage adventures.

While this is a unique handgun, we don’t recommend the SAS because of the difficult sight acquisition and snappy recoil. The other P365 models just have more to offer.

Other P365 Variants

P365 XL RomeoZero Elite. Image source: Sig Sauer

Along with the primary P365 models, Sig also offers a few other variations worth mentioning.

The P365 XL and P365 X RomeoZero Elite models have the same specifications as their respective models but include a 3 MOA RomeoZero red dot sight and suppressor height day/night iron sights. These are a great option if you want a factory-mounted red dot sight for your P365 X or XL.

Another one of the Sig Custom Works versions similar to the Spectre Comp is the P365 XL Spectre. This variation has many of the same features as the Spectre Comp, but with a 3.7” barrel. Although the XL Spectre has a custom ported frame, it does not provide the same recoil compensation as the P365 X Macro or Spectre Comp.

Last but not least, new to the P365 series is the P356 380. Chambered in the smaller and more manageable .380 Auto, the P65 380 is a great option for those looking for an everyday carry P365 in a slightly smaller size with less recoil. The P365 380 is available with standard day/night iron sights or with the RomeoZero red dot sight.

P365 XL Spectre. Image source: Sig Sauer


Considering everything the P365 has going for it, it's no wonder why they have become so popular. With a reputable gun manufacturer as well regarded as Sig, whatever model you decide to get is sure to be a quality firearm worthy of protecting your life.

We hope this article has helped you review all the different features and variations of the P365, as well as our recommendations to help you make an informed decision for your next purchase. At X-Ring Supply, we have a vast inventory of firearms and gear including the P365 that you can order through us and send directly to your FFL!

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