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Delaware's Used Gun Experts

We Buy Guns - walk in with firearms you no longer need and walk out with a check, or store credit, or trade towards another firearm.

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We are the best Delaware gun store to consign your firearms

  • We sell the most used guns of all Delaware gun shops.

  • We have the best online gun store which we use to market your consigned firearms.

  • Because we sell the most used guns of all Delaware gun shops and have the best online gun store to market them, we thus have the largest audience of potential buyers. More buyers means you will be able to sell your consigned faster and at a better price.

  • Lastly, we have the lowest consignment fee of all other brick and mortar Delaware gun stores. 

We charge a consignment fee of $50 or 20% whichever is greater (minimum charge:  $50 per item).

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Settling a loved ones estate is a difficult task, if firearms are involved, let X-Ring Supply help. To get started, read our blog post about how to handle an estate containing firearms.

Established in 1993, X-Ring Supply one of the oldest Delaware gun store. We have helped with firearms services for dozens of estates, several with more than 50 firearms. For large amounts of firearms, we travel to, collect and then itemize the firearms. We then either buy or consign the firearms, and promptly pay the estate.

We can help with transferring firearms to family members. If there are guns that need to be sold, we can quickly buy them at a fair price. We also offer the lowest consignment fees of all Delaware gun shops.

When you consign firearms with X-Ring Supply, you take advantage of our large social media following and premier online store; this shows the firearms to a huge local audience. Coupled with the lowest consignment rate of all Delaware gun stores, we maximize the amount of money for the estate. 

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We refer all our customers seeking Firearms training to 302TacOps.

302TacOps offers several firearm training courses: Brand New Beginners, Skills and Drills (many varieties), and CCDW.



Drop off and Pick up services for Beideman's Cerakote and Graphics

We refer all our customers seeking cerakote services to Beideman's Cerakote and Graphics. 

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