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Did you know that GLOCK pistols are the most preferred and recommended weapon for law enforcement?

GLOCK pistols are known for durability, dependability, safety, high capacity and power. With a rugged polymer exterior, GLOCKs can withstand extensive use without jamming or requiring high levels of maintenance. GLOCK also boasts of its safety due to its three independent safety mechanisms that prevents accidental discharge - trigger safety, firing pin safety and drop safe mechanism.

GLOCK makes a wide variety of firearms, ranging in size of frame, slide and width. GLOCKs come in a range of calibers, .22, 380, 9mm, .40sw, 45acp, 45GAP, .357 and 10mm. What is the Best Glock For Concealed Carry 2022?

With over 65% of law enforcers in the U.S carrying GLOCKs both on and off-duty, GLOCK has decided to reward their loyalty by ensuring first responders get a discount when purchasing their preferred backup, service, or undercover pistol. GLOCK's Blue Label Program is a unique and robust program that is meant to allow qualified participants to purchase GLOCK pistols at a substantial discount.

So, who qualifies for purchases from a GLOCK Blue Label Dealer?

  • Any federal, state or country, or even municipal sworn law enforcement officers including previous law enforcement officers who can present retired credentials.

  • First responders such as EMTs, firefighters, volunteer firefighters, and paramedics. Must be active, if you only have certifications they do not qualify. Retired does not qualify.

  • Military personnel - anyone with a DD214 or a Veterans Card. This is inclusive of reservists and National Guard with ID, including veterans with retired credentials.

  • Corrections officers, inclusive of parole and probation officers.

  • State licensed security firms (Loomis, RAM) and state licensed armed security officers(G4S, Brinks).

  • State federal judges, district attorneys, and deputy district attorneys.

  • Law enforcement academy cadets with enrollment documentation from the academy. This is important because some academies require cadets to purchase their firearms before they have a job.

  • Private Citizens may also participate in the Blue Label Program on conditions that they are active members of the GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) and enrolled in the GSSF with a two-year membership.

See the official GLOCK page for full details.

In addition to a driver’s license, the qualified purchaser is required to provide an authorized photo ID.

This authorized photo ID should come from one of the authorized entities on the eligibility list or an original official use letter from the department if they are a sworn law enforcement officer. As for Military personnel, there is a need to complete a GLOCK military verification form, while federal law enforcement personnel on the other hand use their official business cards for verification of their service.

Therefore, law enforcement officers can purchase their private duty weapons; with the permission of their agencies, directly from GLOCK on a prepayment basis. These weapons after purchase must be shipped to law enforcement officers and cannot be resold to members of the general public. It is also key to keep in mind that individual officer sales are subject to federal excise tax as well as local sales tax.

To fulfill this program effectively, GLOCK has partnered with several firearm stores that must comply with the requirements and needs of this program. Local stores participating in this program can be located by the eligible purchaser through a locator on the official website of GLOCK.

This can direct you to the closest store to you. The Blue Label Program has a wide availability of BLUE LABEL GLOCK models, ranging from GLOCK 17 Gen 5 MOS full-size pistol, to the ultra-concealable GLOCK 43X. The products present a comprehensive selection of the latest GLOCK pistols such as GLOCK 5th Generation pistols, the GLOCK 19X, and GLOCK 48.

It is important to note that not any GLOCK firearm can be considered or sold as a BLUE LABEL GLOCK, it is a special designation that originates from the GLOCK Manufacture. So while you can certainly get any model of GLOCK as a Blue Label, it must come from the factory as a Blue Label, you cannot pick up a normal GLOCK and sell it at Blue Label discounted price.

GLOCK Blue label also only applies to GLOCKs that come in the standard Black color - no OD Green, No FDE, no Grey, as these colors are only available in the commercial line of GLOCK products.

It is important to note that you can only receive TWO (2) BLUE LABEL firearms per year, as per GLOCK BLUE LABEL rules and regulations.

If you have a GSSF coupon, bring in the coupon to your local GLOCK BLUE LABEL Dealer, X-Ring Supply, and we will sell you a BLUE LABEL gun. GSSF Coupon holders are allowed to use as many coupons as they are allotted per year, there are no limitations.

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