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Why Buy Ammo In Bulk?

Updated: May 25, 2023

Bulk ammo in black and white photograph
Bulk 9mm Ammunition.

If you're someone who shoots a lot, like us, it makes sense to buy ammunition in bulk. We ourselves go through a ton of it, and let's be real, buying in bulk always saves you some cash. But if you're more of a casual shooter, should you buy ammo in bulk?

The Savings

The first real benefit in buying in bulk is the cost savings. When you buy in bulk, you’re going to get a lower cost per round than if you were to purchase in average quantities. That means, even if you don’t get to the range often enough, you’ll be able to shoot more when you do finally decide to and you’ll save money doing so.

The Convenience and Availability

Competitor shooters or those who shoot frequently usually buy in bulk because they fire a lot of rounds but also for the sake of availability as well. They never have to worry about running out. The same applies to casual shooters too. Buying in bulk means you will always have ammo on hand when you need it. It also means not having to run to your ammo distributor every time to purchase more when you do get that urge to visit the range. Also, one less worry when that hunting trip you’re looking forward to finally approaches.

Another benefit to buying in bulk is having the option to buy harder-to-find calibers or even specialized ammunition that might not be available in smaller quantities. Buying now in bulk can save you the hassle if and when a shortage does occur, whether through manufacturing delay or through a shortage brought on by a caliber’s popularity.

The Downsides to Buying in Bulk

A downside in buying in bulk, especially if you’re buying online, is you’ll have to factor in shipping costs. Most online retailers will disclose shipping before checkout so just keep in mind that extra cost when making your purchase. Also, as a lot of online retailers will advertise a low cost per round and then charge a high shipping fee in an attempt to make extra money. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Another downside is storage. Like every other bulk purchase, consider the room it’s going to take before buying ammo you might not use right away. You also need to properly store that ammunition when not in use. Make the proper considerations before buying ammunition in bulk.

How to Store Bulk Ammunition

Proper storage is critical to ensuring your ammunition remains in good condition and performs as expected. Improperly stored ammunition can malfunction which could lead to firearm damage as well as injury. Your safety is important to us so here are some tips on storing your bulk ammunition.

1. Keep it Cool and Dry: Moisture and ammunition do not mix. Moisture can cause damage to the cartridge through corrosion. To prevent moisture from getting to your ammunition, storing it in a dry place is best. High temperatures, meanwhile, can cause ammunition to break down so keeping it in a cool place is essential. Avoid direct sunlight or other sources of heat.

2. Keep it organized: Storing your ammunition in an organized manner will help you keep track of how much you have and when you need to restock. Buying in bulk only benefits you if you know you have enough. Keeping your ammunition organized will help you keep track. Also, consider using ammo cans or similar to keep ammunition organized. Labeling with the caliber, brand and quantity also helps with organization. This will help you quickly identify what you have on hand and what needs to be purchased.

3. Keep it Secure: Just like a firearm, it’s essential to store your ammunition in a secure location away from children and unauthorized individuals. Consider using a gun safe to store your ammunition or military surplus steel ammo storage cans. They have a rubber gasket to keep them air tight, they’re stackable, and are also easily transportable.

Buying ammunition in bulk can be a smart choice for shooters looking to save money and time. When ammunition is available for sale at a good price, our suggestion is to take advantage and stock up. Just remember to store your ammunition properly to ensure it remains in good condition.

You can learn more about proper gun storage here.

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