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Check out our blog post about buying a gun, transferring a gun and gifting a gun in Delaware. This post also contains in-depth information for estates containing firearms. 

We reserve the right to deny the sale or transfer of a firearm or any other item.


We are always happy to accept transfers on your behalf.  However, if you are purchasing a firearm that is still being manufactured, please check with us first. We may have the item in stock at the store, or you may be able to purchase it from our online store.  

If you are having a firearm transferred, please alert us, so that we can contact the seller and make arrangements.

Transfer Fees

Person to Person Transfer:  A $20 per firearm fee is required to perform a background check (regardless of the outcome).  Both parties must be present to perform the transfer.  If the purchaser is delayed, the owner of the firearm will keep possession of the firearm.  Once the intended purchaser has received a "proceed" status, both parties must return to the store (at the same time) to complete the transfer.

Dealer to Dealer Transfer:    If we are receiving a transfer for you, from another FFL, the fee is $35. If we are shipping a firearm to another dealer, the cost is $35 plus Shipping Fees (including Insurance)

  • Handguns must be shipped Overnight

  • Long guns can be shipped Ground

  • We only ship Monday thru Wednesday

  • Multiple firearms going to the same FFL holder:  $25 for each additional firearm

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Please Complete the transfer form so we can contact you.

When a firearm is transferred to our store, the buyer is responsible for payment of the transfer fee.  If the transfer cannot be completed (because of a federal denial, etc), the buyer is still responsible to pay the transfer fee.

It is your responsibility to let us know how you would like to handle the firearm.  If you have a firearm transferred to us and you are denied, your options are:

  • Send it back to where you purchased it (handling/shipping fees will apply).

  • You must contact the seller to discuss their return policy.Put it on consignment at our store.

  • Ask if we are interested in purchasing the firearm from you.

  • We will not transfer the gun to a friend/relative, as that would be considered a Straw Purchase.

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